Advoc Annual General Meeting and 20th Anniversary - Romania, 12 - 16 May 2010, organized by Cunescu, Balaciu & Asociatii, Bucharest

Advoc was founded in 1990 by 14 members throughout Europe and since the foundation Advoc has expanded to 45 members in 34 countries all over the world.

ADVOC AGM was hosted by Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest and gathered the representatives of 40 law firms in 28 countries from Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia together with Advoc honored guests.

The Program included working sessions with specialized presentations and debates over issues of interest for the participants, a team-building session, the AGM session and entertainment activities. The visits to representative tourist sites in Bucharest, the city tour and visiting the surroundings presenting some of the Romanian traditions, and the leisure activities offered the members of the network as many opportunities to enhance their professional and friendship relations.

The Gala Dinner hosted by ADVOC Europe at Hilton’s Bucharest to celebrate its 20-th Anniversary was the festive closure to this international network event.

"INVESTING IN ROMANIA – Opportunities and Risks"
Bucharest, Athénée Palace Hilton,
November 11th 2009

INVESTING IN ROMANIA – Opportunities and Risks
Athénée Palace Hilton
„Marcu” Conference Room/ Lobby Hilton Meetings,
Bucharest, November 11, 2009

10, 00 – 13, 00 hours - according to the enclosed program

NEXIA Romania & AS/NEXIA Turkey introducing their members:

NEXIA Romania

  • Consulting R Group
  • Cunescu, Balaciu & Associatii -Attorneys-at-law
  • KG audit & accounting


  • AS Bagimsiz Denetim ve YMM A.S

considering the significant support of the
Turkish Businessmen Association in Bucharest


We are honored to invite you to join our workshop, to meet our key-experts discussing relevant aspects on the subject area. The practical approach we suggest may reveal the opportunity for you to identify new business prospective and alternative solutions for the current problems you confront with.

The program includes interactive debates with our speakers – the representatives of NEXIA Romania and AS/NEXIA Turkey and their special guests, as listed in the Program enclosed.

By its topic, the meeting is targeting Turkish investors and Turkish companies acting on Romania’s market, potential investors from Turkey and some of Nexia clients in Romania.

On this occasion, we intend to create an efficient communication platform between business people and business consultants, broadening the co-operation horizon.


Please confirm your attendance by phone, fax or e-mail:

Manuela VOINEA
Mobile: 0743 334 946,
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,
Fax: 0241 606 622

Cristina TEODORU
Mobile: 0727 654 772,
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,
Fax: 021 327 43 10

Consulting R Group supports Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors Congress

On the 26th of June, Consulting R Group partners took part at the 2nd Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors Congress. Theme of the congress was “National and International issues in financial audit. Auditors and global economic crisis”.

Events that happen, the world economic crisis which has stretched tentacles on the Romanian economy, increase the importance of audit engagements which must provide quality information through the financial statements audited, also taking into consideration the growing caution manifested in the market for launching or re-launching of business, mergers and acquisitions.

In this context, the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors considered appropriate and necessary to organize a major scientific event, leading to a useful dialogue between specialists from the country and abroad and Romanian financial auditors, in order to debate issues of great importance for the profession and to reveal solutions for best practices.

“Even if the auditor’s profession in Romania is very young,  all the foreign participating guests from IFAC, ICAS, FEEA, ACCA recognized the huge progress faced by the Romanian Chamber of Auditors and its members in order to create  and maintain high professional standards and increase the clients’ trust in auditors work and reporting.

The topics of this Congress were very interesting and wide, including professional approach and scientific and research developments. This meeting added value in sharing experience and helping the Romanian Chamber of Auditors to better understand the auditors needs and problems.” added Luminita Ristea, Managing partner - Consulting R Group

June 30, 2009 Bucharest - Ro.Tax.Law, international taxation and legislation forum

Ro.Tax.Law forum approached hot topics in the field of financial and legal business environment in Romania. Top investors, bankers, experts in legal and financial issues debated on new requirements and changes of the Romanian legislation.

Audience gathered representatives from government, local and regional authorities, top managers, investors and consultants, representatives of the largest law firms, consulting companies, media representatives.

Luminita Ristea, Managing Partner of Consulting R Group, discussed about transfer pricing – reality of European commercial integration or target of tax inspections.

It is estimated that more than 60% of world trade takes place through multinational companies. This means transactions with many zeros and related taxes reaching impressive amounts

Thus, the transfer pricing issue is of great interest for multinational companies. Intra-company transaction prices politics can have significant effects on the fiscal costs (penalties or double taxation), also on the profitability and competitive advantage of companies of any size that have international activity

Transfer pricing issue is regulated at international level by The Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administration, the The Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Code of Conduct on transfer price

The Romanian legislation in this matter is represented by the Fiscal Code (definition of the related parties), art. no. 11 (market prices in transactions between related parties), Fiscal Procedure Code art. no. 42 (settlement of tax scenarios), art. no. 79 - para. 2 (obligation of preparing and presenting the transfer pricing file to competent authorities), Decision no.529/2007 (regulation for the advanced price agreement), OP ANAF 222/2008 (content of transfer pricing file).

"M&A Outlook 2009" – Adjust your expectations and take the risks!

Leading specialists in mergers and acquisitions looked for solutions to unfreeze transaction markets in Romania. For best advices and updated information please visit:

Antreprenori, ajustati-va asteptarile si asumati-va riscuri!

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M&A Outlook: Lack of infrastructure projects and leu/euro currency exchange, Romania’s biggest threats for M&A market