Nexia Romania

Nexia Romania currently has two member companies, with complementary specializations: CRG NEXIA - financial audit, assurance services and tax advisory; the law company Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates - legal services & consultancy.

The first Nexia International member in Romania was CRG NEXIA. The Company affiliated with the international network in 2005. Law firm Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates also becomes a member of Nexia Romania in 2005.

CRG NEXIA was established in 1995. 1999 brought major changes. Our activities diversified and the number of partners increased to 3. From 2001 CRG NEXIA has begun providing audit services.

Another important moment in our company’s life was the affiliation with Nexia International in 2005, that gave us the opportunity to provide integrated financial services, cross-border.

CRG NEXIA provides to its clients specific solutions adjusted to the economic reality and legal framework so that they can make better decisions, increase or improve their performance in a competitive and changing environment.

CRG NEXIA is a member of the professional bodies in Romania: Romanian Body of Chartered Certified Accountants (C.E.C.C.A.R.), Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors (C.A.F.R.) and Chamber of Fiscal Consultants (C.C.F.).

Increasing its market presence for over 13 years, the law firm Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates organized and oriented the entire activity towards providing high quality services in advising and representing its clients and in answering their needs in the most professional and efficient way.

Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates is managing an important portfolio of corporate clients, several of them being market leaders in their fields of activity.

The firm is member of ADVOC International ( – the international network of independent law firms.

Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates is a mid size law firm, with 5 partners, 10 associated lawyers and administrative executive staff covering paralegal, IT, secretarial and PR areas.